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The Original 45-MPH Couch Potato


Welcome to Greyhound Pets of Arizona!

Our primary objective is to adopt Greyhound dogs into loving homes to give them a long and happy life. Secondly, we want to educate the public about Greyhounds, making them aware that Greyhounds make some of the best pets available. Finally, we are seeking like-minded individuals who can foster these dogs or volunteer their time or funds to help educate the public and aid our rescue mission. Check us out on Facebook!

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One of our foster family members has this to say: "I'm very happy for [my recent foster]. After all he has been through; no dog deserves a good home more than he does. To live his life out, and be with a family that values his company and love and accept him as a member of their group. It's why we all do what we do.

That's the greatest joy and satisfaction available doing this kind of volunteer work. You love them all, but like we all know, "you can't keep them all". So you care for them, and you teach them and most important of all, you constantly remind yourself that they are going to leave, and your reward is getting them to that destination. It's not about your feelings or selfish wants. It's about the dog, and what is in its best interest.

And for the most part, that works. I've really gotten pretty good at the good-bye thing. I have, for the most part, learned to feel personally satisfied when a foster goes to their permanent home. I'm not losing a dog, I got a good dog into a good home, and I did a good thing. And that's the biggest reason I do this; the personal satisfaction of working to that successful end. Because it is about the dogs.

But every so often, [when] a foster leaves to go to [their home] they take a little piece of you with them. I truly enjoyed working with this foster, and he will be missed."

Are you ready for a sappy little story about the meeting of two unlikely friends? Maybe you can help them, or if not you might just want to read this feel good story to enlighten your day.

It started out as a small group of volunteers that were going to cross the night desert to help transport some greyhounds from the Midwest back to Arizona so that they could reach their forever homes. It started as a group of five beautiful females that are ready for adoption. Oh, and by the way there is a little male four month old puppy that needs a home too, would we be interested? Having past success with placing puppies into good homes the answer was "YES" we would take the puppy too.

As the departure day neared, plans were made and it was decided that the best option would be to meet the handoff vehicle in the middle of the night when it would be cooler and greyhounds would be transported during their normal sleeping hours.

We arrived at the meeting location in Tucumcari about 45 minutes early, just enough time to stretch, relax and recover from the 10-hour drive that preceded our arrival. As we walked around the New Mexico night desert we were in awe of the starry skies and cool temps. Suddenly the quiet peacefulness was interrupted by non-identifiable but loud screeching noise. After a few minutes we discovered that this noise was coming from a very large, but abandoned metal sign where a family of owls were living. We continued to watch in amazement as the parents were apparently teaching the owlets how to fly and hunt. We were mesmerized as we continued to watch and take in the performance by this young family of owls. Then another sound could be faintly heard from nearby. Out of the darkness came a small cat, probably a kitten, meowing loudly from across the field. When she was approached by one of the volunteers, she was willing to be picked up and held. The only thing close by was a motel, so we checked with the front desk, and as you might of guessed no one was missing or looking for a lost kitten. So after some quick discussion it was decided that the kitten should accompany us rather than being left behind as owl food. We found a rather large cardboard box behind the motel and set it up in the car to transport the kitten back to Arizona.

After all that, the hauler arrived with the dogs that we were taking back to Arizona. They are a wonderful group of females and one VERY adorable puppy. He is small, cuddly and so very cute. He was transported to us in the backseat while being held by the passengers and it was forgone conclusion that he would travel back to Arizona the same way in our backseat too. We spent some time letting the dogs relieve themselves and set them up in the trailer for the return trip. Meantime the kitten was stowed safely in her traveling box.

When everyone was ready and secured, we said our goodbyes and we hit the road for the return trip. The puppy (let's call him Tuc) promptly fell asleep in the arms of the backseat passenger and the kitty (call her Cari) could be heard with the frequent meows of protest from the back of the car. We were barely 15 miles down the road when the kitty burst her way out of the box and climbed over and into the back seat to the very surprised passengers. The puppy did not seem overly interested in the kitty and likewise the cat was only mildly interested in the puppy. Instead she settled right into the arms of her rescuer and began to purr.

Needless to say all of us in the car were quite skeptical and somewhat apprehensive as to what the next 600 miles with an unknown kitten and a 4 month old puppy would bring. Imagine our surprise when about a half hour later the puppy turned around and rested his head on the lap where the kitty was sleeping and in the next hour the kitten had climbed down and had curled up alongside the puppy. Before the trip was over the puppy had licked the kitten, the kitten had kneaded on the puppy and so it continued the rest of the trip. This special bond between 2 youngsters continued to grow while they nestled together.

Now that they are in Arizona they will be in foster care until they are ready for adoption. While under our care they will be spayed and neutered and have a complete workup by our veterinarian.

They are really great pals and we sure would like to find them a home together where they can continue to nurture their friendship. If you thought you might want a kitten or a puppy now you don’t have to choose, just fill out an application to start the process. These two are so adorable and totally inseparable. Wouldn’t you agree, there's nothing sweeter than friendship?



All of you might be interested in an update on our dear, sweet Becky. As you can see from her recent picture, she's doing GREYT!!! Not only does she make appearances at meet-n-greets and greyhound picnics, but she's also become a canine blood donor. Isn't that amazing! She's doing her part to give back and help other pups who need emergency care like she did. Way to go, Becky!

Here she is in proudly wearing her Canine Blood Hero uniform. What an amazing pup!



GPA is happy to announce that we are now a participating member of the “Walk for a Dog” smartphone application by WoofTrax. Use the app each time you grab for the leash. It’s healthy for you, your dog, and GPA! 

How does it work? The more people who walk and the more frequently they walk, the more money that WoofTrax will donate to GPA. It’s so simple! After you download the app onto your smartphone, take the phone with you when you walk your dog(s). Simply press the “Start Walking for …” button and the app will keep track of your walk. When your walk is stopped, it will be credited to GPA. The more people walking for GPA, the more Wooftrax can donate, so please spread the word. To maximize the donation to GPA, please share the app with your friends and get the word out! It’s the number of Walk for a Dog users and the number of times they use the app that counts the most. Anyone who walks or hikes regularly can participate. 

What if I don’t have a dog? Can I still use the app? Absolutely! You can walk for any of the foster dogs at GPA. 

What if I don’t have an iPhone or Android smartphone? While you can’t use Walk for a Dog yourself, you can always walk with a friend who has the app to help support GPA. 

Visit the WoofTrax website for more information

From Greg Hogue:


"In honor of Adopt a Greyhound Month, I was "promoted" to the spokesperson for Greyhound Pets of Arizona today and appeared on Sonoran Living on the ABC affiliate here in Phoenix. I had my goof Ballistic, along with the floozy Rumor in here showgirl outfit and Rocky the Red. And I'll be damned if TV doesn't add 20lbs to"

Watch the video here

In America, Greyhounds can be traced back to the 1500s, brought in by
Spanish explorers to "guard, hunt, intimidate and punish their
enemies—in this case, the Indians".

During the American Revolution, a huge Greyhound named Azor always accompanied George Washington.

Greyhounds were among the first dogs recorded at American dog shows,
with an entry of 18 exhibited at the Westminster Kennel Club show in
1877. They were in the second edition of the AKC Stud Book in 1885 with
listings of three males and five bitches.

Today the breed's most valued trait is companionship—a lovely dog with a lively personality.

Rachel Hogue's photo essay of life at a Greyhound track. A "behind the scenes" view.

Here's what she says about it:

"This is a collection of images I've taken from 2006 on. I've designed this set as an educational tool for greyhound people (much like myself) who have an interest in what their dog's life was like before retirement. I've done my best to represent things as accurately as possible, and I plan to continue updating the set in the future. Please enjoy, and feel free to comment and ask questions!

An excerpt from a 1998 seminar given by Kathleen Gilley

A must read for new Greyhound owners and pretty good for anyone else too...

"What is your new adoptive greyhound thinking?"

This is a group in Alabama, but we share the same mission.

We Are Non-Profit

Greyhound Pets of Arizona is an all volunteer, tax-exempt, 501(c)3, non-profit organization. All donations go directly to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of ex-racing Greyhounds.

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